Let's talk. 학교에서

It's not changed that he and I are far away from each other. It's just, my heart may be saying "Well, it's not that bad. You two are in a same country. Just hang in there!". That's why I don't use the web-cam much these days.

I took it to the office to find Mr.I'll-take-some-pocket-money-from-you. I put a hole in a paper cup, which covers the cam.

"Chris, do you see the cam?"

I asked one of my colleague. She said no. Gooooood.

(Why did I ask Chris? She is the worst observer at school, I bet.)

I am not mad at the student. Of course it's embarrassing to get to know you have no money just after you ordered a pan of pizza delivery service. Of course my face turns red and hot when I see my precious wallet rolling under the desk. But I am not "angry".

I just can't let it go. I am in a bit of charge of this boy's life in a very short time of his life, and unfortunately, I am, no, WE are living in that time.

We still have to go through as much time as 20 days together. I need to talk. So, you can come and show you, or hide and be forgotten. It's all your call, boy.


  • 珍珠心場 : 모군 2012-06-16 00:37:26 #

    ... 속상하지만, 문득 엄청나게 거리가 먼 사람의 물건보다 가까운 사람의 물건이 '비 전문적인' 도적에게 더 쉬운 표적일 것이라는 생각이 들어서 몰래카메라를 설치했다(이게 지난번 뜬금없는 영어포스팅의 내용이었다. 머쓱해서 영어로;;;;). 지난번 포스팅에서처럼 나와 수업하는 학생이라면 무언가 대화를 할 수도 있을 것이라는 생각이 들어서 찾기로 결심했던 터였다. 무슨 생각 ... more


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